About Us


Our intent is to secure the best, biggest, and earliest Alpha for youšŸ«µ.

We are radically focused on recognizing and rewarding the true pioneers, participants, and promoters in Web3. Our intention is to align, incentivize and reward web3 pioneers, participants and promoters.

Every web3davinci has the opportunity to earn alpha and build a reputation by pioneering, participating and promoting web3 projects.

#AlphaDrops last between 3 and 7 days. #AlphaJourneys last for three weeks. We negotiate real alpha rewards for you with the hottest and verified projects.

Too many incentives and tokens have been poorly distributed to bots, farms, and manipulation. This hurts the project's goals and hurts you.

Every project we choose to partner with has the best intent. This is the first thing we verify. They are also limited by the incentives they can distribute due to manipulation, bot farms, and misdistribution that could hurt and extract value from their visionā€¦instead of creating and capturing it.

By completing quests for each AlphaDrop on each AlphaJourney, you are verifying and building your reputation as a true pioneer, participant, and promoter. You are directly creating value for the projects. We will work together with you to ensure you capture that.

There will be bugs. There will be issues. There will be lessons.

Our intent is to 1. Bring you the best projects as early as possible so you are the first to know. 2. Secure opportunities for direct alpha by pioneering, participating, and promoting them. 3. Recognize and reward the real contributors over time with self-claimable alpha and rewards.

AlphaHunters, let's do this! šŸ”„